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Namaste’ is very proudly nestled in the heart of Dubuque’s historic Millwork District, in the former CARADCO Building.  The Carr Ryder & Adams Collier Company (CARADCO) building is a former millwork factory in what was, at one time, the nation’s largest window and door manufacturing district.  Occupying an entire city block, the former factory was built between 1880 and 1906, with some internal stone walls surviving from an even earlier planing mill on the site.  Following an incredible transformation beginning in 2012, led by John and Mary Gronen, the Millwork District has become a thriving urban mixed-use development containing residential housing, commercial space, retail space, and public gathering places creating a livable, sustainable, walkable community.  We are thrilled to call this historic, architecturally unique warehouse home for our store.  

Namaste adds unique, and a highly demanded athliesure wear to the area that is unlike any other store in the midwest.  Our comfortable and tranquill in store experience gives the Millwork District an amazing fashionable balance and we've become one of the best places to visit while your in Dubuque. 


Meet our team


Ann Butzier



Martha O'Connor Leigh

Retail Executive


Lu Gerdemann

Marketing + Photography

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